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1/20/16  Happy New Year! 

Marble Bath Remodel

Adding Marble Shower and Vanity really adds value to your home.  Marble comes in a variety of colors & patterns for your individual tastes.  This shower has a built in seat & soap dish along with a safety grab bar.

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Marble Shower & Vanity Remodel



Now that the kids are back in school and Labor Day is over, it is time to think about those fall remodeling projects!  Are you having company for the holidays?  Do you need to spruce up the house a bit?  How about having the living room painted?  Need new carpet, hardwood, or laminate flooring?  New windows?  Kitchen remodeling?  Bath remodel?

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Radiant Heat under Laminate Flooring


Radiant Heat Remodel 

Are your heat ducts in the ceiling?  Are your feet cold in the winter?  

Do you have circulation problems in your feet or legs?

Adding Radiant Heat under you flooring can help!  Radiant Heat can be installed under laminate, bamboo, engineered wood, solid hardwood flooring, ceramic or porcelain tile. It has it's own thermostat so you can turn it on & off, as well as control the temperature. Radiant Heat can be installed in front of your favorite chair & sofa or the whole room!  Bathroom tile can be warm in the winter!  Radiant Heat can add warmth to your feet without adding a lot of expense to your heating bills!  Think about adding Radiant Heat to your next Remodel! 

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Moved Kitchen to another room utilizing existing Cabinets.

New Large Picture Window & Window Seat with Storage where the Kitchen was originally located.

Electric Heat under Laminate Flooring

Remodel - New Laminate Flooring, Baseboards & Paint


Finished Kitchen Remodel &

New Window & Flooring Remodel Project

New Laminate Flooring with New Baseboards & New Paint.

Electric Heat under Laminate Flooring.

Moved Kitchen to another room.

Added  New Picture Window & Window Seat with Storage.

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